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Stray Books Inventory "K"
Stray Books Inventory "K"

Kaiser, Robert G.: RUSSIA THE PEOPLE AND THE POWER; Atheneum, NY, 1976, 2nd SIGNED Edition, VG/VG, 499 Pages, Life in Russiain the 70's., [NON FICTION], (Bk# 000565)... US $16.00

Kantor, MacKinlay: [Ilustrator:Irene Layne,] LOBO; The World Pub Co, Cleveland and New York, 1957, 1st Edition, VG/VG, Hardcover, 110 Pages, There is something dogs can offer to man which not even men can offer to men, [FICTION], (Bk# 002573)... US $8.00

Katz, Jon: VIRTUOUS REALITY; Random House, NY, 1997, 1st Edition, VG+/VG, Hardcover, 212 Pages, How America surrendered discussion of moral values to opportunists, nitwits and blockheads, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 001648)... US $14.00

Kauffman, Donald T. [Edited By]: FOR INSTANCE-CURRENT INSIGHTS, ANECDOTES, QUOTATIONS, QUESTIONS FOR TEACHERS, MINISTERS, SPEAKERS AND DISCUSSION LEADERS; Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, New York, 1970, 1st Edition, Fine/VG+,SMTR, Hardcover, 263 Pages, The Research Companion for the Working Minister and Teacher, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 002835)... US $16.00

Kauffman, Henry J.: [Ilustrator:Drawing By Dorothy Briggs,] THE COLONIAL SILVERSMITH - HIS TECHNIQUES & HIS PRODUCTS; Galahad Books, New York, 1969, 1st Edition, VG, Retired Library Book with usual stamps, marks & pocket/VG+,SMTR, Hardcover, 176 Pages, The products of colonial period are well known, but there is little authoritative research on this subject, until now, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 003190)... US $8.00

Kay, Guy Gavriel: A SONG FOR ARBONNE; Crown Publishers, Inc, New York, 1992, 1st AM Edition, VG,POS/VG,PC, Hardcover, 513 Pages, Through its pages you are brought into a world of its own, [SCIENCE FICTION-FANTASY], (Bk# 002015)... US $8.00

Kaye, M.M.: DEATH IN KASHMIR; St Martin's Press, NY, 1984, 1st Edition, G,ExLib,Rear spine split,Cocked/VG,TR, Hardcover, 332 Pages, [MYSTERY], (Bk# 001600)... US $5.00

Keillor, Garrison: LAKE WOBEGON DAYS; Viking, NY, 1985, 1st Edition, VG/VG, [FICTION], (Bk# 000874)... US $12.00

Keillor, Garrison: LEAVING HOME; Viking, NY, 1987, 1st Edition, VG/VG.PC, [FICTION], (Bk# 001198)... US $12.00

Keillor, Garrison: WE ARE STILL MARRIED; Viking, NY, 1989, 1st Edition, VG/VG, 330 Pages, Collection of stories, poems & letters, [FICTION], (Bk# 000720)... US $12.00

Kellerman, Jonathan: BAD LOVE; Bantam Books, NY, 1994, 1st SIGNED Edition, VG/VG, 386 Pages, [MYSTERY], (Bk# 000749)... US $35.00

Kellerman, Jonathan: BILLY STRAIGHT; Random House, NY, 1998, 1st Edition, VG+/VG, Hardcover, 467 Pages, Murder In Los Angles, [FICTION], (Bk# 002048)... US $8.00

Kellerman, Jonathan: DEVIL'S WALTZ; Bantam Books, NY, 1993, 1st Edition, VG/VG, [MYSTERY], (Bk# 001193)... US $12.00

Kellerman, Faye: JUSTICE; William Morrow & Company,Inc, New York, 1995, 1st Edition, VG+, Slight small stains on outer edges/VG,PC,CH,TR, Hardcover, 388 Pages, [FICTION], (Bk# 002592)... US $6.00

Kellerman, Jonathan: PRIVATE EYES; Bantam Books, NY, 1992, 1st Edition, VG,POS/VG, [MYSTERY], (Bk# 000976)... US $12.00

Kellerman, Jonathan: SELF-DEFENSE; Bantam Books, NY, 1995, 1st Edition, VG+/VG+, Hardcover, 390 Pages, [MYSTERY], (Bk# 002599)... US $6.00

Kellerman, Jonathan: THE WEB; Bantam Books, NY, 1996, 1st Edition, VG+/VG+, Hardcover, 342 Pages, [MYSTERY], (Bk# 002598)... US $6.00

Kellerman, Jonathan: TIME BOMB; Bantam Books, NY, 1990, 1st Edition, VG+,small stain on top pages/VG, Hardcover, 468 Pages, [MYSTERY], (Bk# 002597)... US $6.00

Kelley, Kitty: HIS WAY:THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY OF FRANK SINATRA; Bantam Books, NY, 1986, 1st Edition, 6th Printing, VG+, POI/VG+, Hardcover, 575 Pages, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 000823)... US $12.00

Kelley, Kitty: NANCY REAGAN:THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY; Simon & Schuster, NY, 1991, 1st Edition, VG/VG, 603 Pages, Portrait of one of the most powerful First Ladies, [BIOGRAPHY], (Bk# 000723)... US $12.00

Kelley, Kitty: THE ROYALS; Warner Books, NY, 1997, 1st Edition, VG/VG, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 001399)... US $12.00

Kemelman, Harry: THE DAY THE RABBI RESIGNED; Fawcett Columbine, New York, 1992, 1st Edition, VG+/VG+, Hardcover, 273 Pages, He's back Rabbi David Small the best-loved and most unorthodox rabbi ever seen in or out of temple, [MYSTERY], (Bk# 002581)... US $6.00

Kennan, George F.: RUSSIA AND THE WEST UNDER LENIN AND STALIN; Little, Brown & Co, Boston-Toronto, 1960/61, 1st Edition, VG/G, PC,CH,TR, Hardcover, 411 Pages, We are taken through three decades of profound violence and change between the Western Powers and the Soviet Union, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 001587)... US $16.00

Kennealy, Jerry: BEGGAR'S CHOICE; St Martin's Press, NY, 1994, 1st Edition, VG/G,CH,TR, [MYSTERY], (Bk# 000805)... US $12.00

Kennealy, Jerry: POLO IN THE ROUGH; St Martin's Press, NY, 1989, 1st SIGNED Edition, VG+/VG, 181 Pages, [MYSTERY], (Bk# 000751)... US $25.00

Kennealy, Jerry: POLO'S PONIES; St Martin's Press, NY, 1988, 1st SIGNED Edition, VG/VG,CH,TR, 184 Pages, [MYSTERY], (Bk# 000752)... US $25.00

Keyishian, Marge: [Ilustrator:Cathy Beylon,] WHO'S IN THE TRUCK?; A Joshua Morris Book, China, 1995, 1st Edition, Fine/VG, TR, Hardcover, This truck says "squeak!" Children are in for a double treat as tehy discover who's inside, [CHILDRENS], (Bk# 003035)... US $5.00

Kijewski, Karen: COPY KAT; Doubleday, NY, 1992, 1st Edition, VG/VG,SMTR, [MYSTERY], (Bk# 001253)... US $15.00

Kijewski, Karen: HONKY TONK KAT; G.P. Putnam's Sons, NY, 1996, 1st Edition, VG/VG, [MYSTERY], (Bk# 001300)... US $15.00

Kijewski, Karen: STRAY KAT WALTZ; Putnam, NY, 1998, 1st SIGNED Edition, VG+/VG, Hardcover, 311 Pages, [MYSTERY], (Bk# 001611)... US $35.00

Kijewski, Karen: WILD KAT; Doubleday, NY, 1994, 1st Edition, VG/VG, [MYSTERY], (Bk# 000949)... US $15.00

King, Stephen: BAG OF BONES; Scribner, NY, 1986, 1st Edition, VG+/VG+, Hardcover, 529 Pages, [HORROR], (Bk# 001560)... US $18.00

King, Stephen: DESPERATION; Viking, NY, 1996, 1st Edition, VG/VG, [HORROR], (Bk# 001104)... US $18.00

King, Stephen: DOLORES CLAIBORNE; Viking, NY, 1993, 1st Edition, VG/VG, 305 Pages, Confessions of an old Yankee bitch, [HORROR], (Bk# 000442)... US $12.00

King, Stephen: FOUR PAST MIDNIGHT; Viking, NY, 1990, 1st Edition, G,PON/VG, 763 Pages, Short story collection, [HORROR], (Bk# 000555)... US $10.00

King, Stephen: FOUR PAST MIDNIGHT; Viking, NY, 1990, 1st Edition, VG,PON,Slight ST on bottom/VG, 763 Pages, Short story collection, [HORROR], (Bk# 001764)... US $5.00

King, Stephen: GERALD'S GAME; Viking, NY, 1992, 1st Edition, VG/VG, 332 Pages, Trip into the dark corners of the female psyche, [HORROR], (Bk# 000556)... US $14.00

King, Stephen: INSOMNIA; Viking, NY, 1994, 1st Edition, VG/VG, 787 Pages, Travel back to Derry, Maine and travel into a season of hell, [HORROR], (Bk# 000443)... US $12.00

King, Stephen: MISERY; Viking, NY, 1987, 1st Edition, VG/VG, 310 Pages, Author held captive by his greatest fan, [HORROR], (Bk# 000430)... US $12.00

King, Stephen: NEEDFUL THINGS; Viking, NY, 1991, 1st Edition, VG/VG,PC, 690 Pages, "Our Town" with a vengeace, say goodby to Castle Rock, [HORROR], (Bk# 000643)... US $12.00

King, Stephen: NEEDFUL THINGS; Viking, NY, 1991, 1st Edition, VG/VG,PC, 690 Pages, "Our Town" with a vengeace, say goodby to Castle Rock, [HORROR], (Bk# 000690)... US $6.00

King, Stephen: NIGHTMARES AND DREAMSCAPES; Viking, NY, 1993, 1st Edition, VG/VG, 816 Pages, Short Stories, [HORROR], (Bk# 000438)... US $12.00

King, Stephen: PET SEMATARY; Doubleday, NY, 1983, 1st Edition, VG/VG,PC,CH,TR, [HORROR], (Bk# 001157)... US $15.00

King, Stephen: ROSE MADDER; Viking, NY, 1995, 1st Edition, VG/VG, 420 Pages, Woman possessed by painting, [HORROR], (Bk# 000432)... US $12.00

King, Stephen: THE DARK HALF; Viking, NY, 1989, 1st Edition, VG/VG, 431 Pages, Authors character comes to life. Contains publishers review, [HORROR], (Bk# 000428)... US $12.00

King, Stephen: THE DARK HALF; Viking, NY, 1989, 1st Edition, VG/VG, 431 Pages, Authors character comes to life, [HORROR], (Bk# 000559)... US $14.00

King, Stephen: THE DEAD ZONE; Viking, NY, 1979, 15th Edition, VG/VG, 426 Pages, After death and coma man wakes up telepathic, [HORROR], (Bk# 000414)... US $10.00

King, Stephen: THE TOMMYKNOCKERS; Putnam, NY, 1987, 1st Edition, G/VG,PC, 558 Pages, Discovery of ancient spaceship changes towns people, [HORROR], (Bk# 000431)... US $12.00

Kingdon, Frank: ARCHITECTS OF THE REPUBLIC; Alliance Publishing Co, New York, 1947, 1st Edition, VG, Pages yellowed/VG,CH,TR, Hardcover, 284 Pages, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 002028)... US $6.00

Kisseloff, Jeff: YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS - AN ORAL HISTORY OF MANHATTAN FROM THE 1890'S TO WORLD WAR II; Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, San Diego, New York, London, 1989, 1st Edition, VG+, Erratum Sheet laid in/VG+, Crease on, Hardcover, 622 Pages, Daily life in Manhattan between 1890 and WWII through the New Yorkers who were there to tell the story, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 002317)... US $20.00

Kittredge, Mary: FATAL DIAGNOSIS; St Martin's Press, NY, 1990, 1st Edition, VG,RM/VG,RB, 202 Pages, Meet a lively cast of characters from inside and outside a busy Connecticut hospital, [MYSTERY], (Bk# 000496)... US $12.00

Klass, Perri: OTHER WOMEN'S CHILDREN; Random House, NY, 1990, 1st Edition, G/G, 284 Pages, Female Doctor torn between home and hospital, [FICTION], (Bk# 000598)... US $5.00

Kleiman, Dena: A DEADLY SILENCE - THE ORDEAL OF CHERYL PIERSON: A CASE OF INCEST AND MURDER; The Atlantic Monthly Press, New York, 1988, 1st Edition, VG+, Previous Owners Label/VG+, Hardcover, 305 Pages, This is an extraordinary story about ordinary people, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 002642)... US $6.00

Klein, Dave: GREAT MOMENTS IN GOLF; Cowles Book Company, Inc., New York, 1971, 1st Edition, Fine/VG+ rubbed, Hardcover, 128 Pages, From the 1913 US Open to the final-round rush in the 1964 US Open, relive great moments in this great sport, [NON FICTION/SPORTS], ISBN: 402-12661-0, (Bk# 003221)... US $5.00

Klein, Kelly [INTRODUCTION BY: Anne Rice] [Designed By: Sam Shahid]: UNDERWORLD; Alred A. Knopf, New York, 1995, 1st Edition, VG+ as new/Fine as new, Large Hardcover, Not numbered Pages, 154 dazzling pictures taken of men and women from the 1800's thru the 1990's showing different interpretations of sexualit, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 001909)... US $32.00

Kliment, AIA, Stephen A.: CREATIVE COMMUNICATIONS FOR A SUCCESSFUL DESIGN PRACTICE; Whitney Library Of Design, New York, 1977, First Edition, Second Printing, VG+/VG+, Hardcover, 190 Pages, Helps to develop the skills and techniques needed to communicate effectively with clients, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 002082)... US $10.00

Kluger, Phyllis & Richard: GOOD GOODS; Macmillan, NY, 1982, 1st Edition, VG/VG/CH,TR, 436 Pages, Story of a real two-job woman with real questions and answers, [ROMANCE], (Bk# 000283)... US $9.00