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Stray Books Inventory "W"
Stray Books Inventory "W"

Wagner, Geoffrey: THE PERIOD OF MAMMON; Scorpion Press, Middlesex, UK, 1961, 1st British Edition, VG, Inscribed By Author/VG,SM Tears, Hardcover, 45 Pages, Inscribed: "For Otto & Eloise Every good wish for Christmas 1981 Geoffrey Wagner" Poems Sacred and Profane, [FICTION/POETRY], (Bk# 001914)... US $15.00

Waldron, Jan L.: IN THE COUNTRY OF MEN: MY TRAVELS; Anchor Press/Doubleday, NY, 1993, 1st Edition, VG+/VG, Hardcover, 212 Pages, Part memior, part social commentary, this is a thoughtful & provocative exploration of the meaning of gender and manhood, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 001637)... US $15.00

Walker, Alice: THE WAY FORWARD IS WITH A BROKEN HEART; Random House, New York, 2000, 1st Edition, Fine/Fine, Hardcover, 200 Pages, Walker gives us superb stories based on truths from her own experiences, [FICTION], ISBN: 0-679-45587-6, (Bk# 003254)... US $8.00

Wallace, Irving: THE CHAPMAN REPORT; Simon & Schuster, NY, 1960, 1st Edition, P/None, 371 Pages, Famous book that movie was based on, [FICTION], (Bk# 000087)... US $5.00

Wallace, Irving: THE R DOCUMENT; Simon & Schuster, NY, 1976, 1st Edition, VG/VG, 383 Pages, The story of a conspiracy to destroy the Bill Of Rights, and the FBI's trying to take over the country, [FICTION], (Bk# 000147)... US $10.00

Wallace, Irving: THE SECOND LADY; NAL, NY, 1980, 1st Edition, G/G, 372 Pages, 1st Lady, double, put in White House by Russians, [FICTION], (Bk# 000614)... US $8.00

Wallace, Irving: THE WORD; Simon & Schuster, NY, 1972, 1st Edition, G/G,CH,TR, 576 Pages, An archeological discovery has an immediate effect on people and their lives, [FICTION], (Bk# 000092)... US $10.00

Wallace, Mike & Gary Paul Gates: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS; William Morrow & Co, NY, 1984, 1st Edition, VG/VG, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 001137)... US $10.00

Waller, Robert James: BORDER MUSIC; Warner Books, NY, 1995, 1st Edition, F/F, 248 Pages, Story of men and women who have seen life, made choices, but want more. From the author of "Bridges Of Madson County", [ROMANCE], (Bk# 000444)... US $9.00

Waller, Robert James: OLD SONGS IN A NEW CAFE; Warner Books, NY, 1994, 1st Edition, F/F, 172 Pages, Selected essays of the author's feelings about the people, animals and places he cares about, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 000065)... US $12.00

Waller, Robert James: SLOW WALSE IN CEDAR BEND; Warner Books, NY, 1993, 1st Edition, VG/VG, 197 Pages, Author's second novel of a once in a lifetime love, [ROMANCE], (Bk# 000063)... US $9.00

Waller, Robert James: THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY; Warner Books, NY, 1993, 40th Edition, VG/VG, 171 Pages, Authors first bestselling novel of the romance between a photographer and an Iowa farm wife, [ROMANCE], (Bk# 000064)... US $5.00

Wallerstein, Judith S. and Sandra Blakeslee: THE GOOD MARRIAGE: HOW & WHY LOVE LASTS; Houghton Mifflin, Boston, New York, 1995, 1st Edition, VG+/VG, Hardcover, 352 Pages, When so many marriages fail, why do others succeed?, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 001664)... US $15.00

Walley, Dean: [Ilustrator:Jerry Jones,] I'M GLAD THERE IS YOU...THOUGHTS ON BEING FRIENDS; April House, Inc, 1973, 1st Edition, VG+/VG+, Hardcover, The perfect way to tell your friend how you really feel. A charming little book, [FICTION/POETRY], (Bk# 002412)... US $6.00

Walsh, Michael: AS TIME GOES BY; Warner Books, NY, 1998, 1st Edition, VG+/VG, Hardcover, 420 Pages, The most romantic and beloved film of all time ends on the tarmac of Casablance - where this story begins, [FICTION], (Bk# 001797)... US $15.00

Walton, Frank L.: TOMAHAWKS TO TEXTILES - THE FABULOUS STORY OF WORTH STREET; Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc, New York, 1953, 1st Edition, VG+/VG,CH,TR, Hardcover, 177 Pages, The story of New York as seen from Worth Street, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 002265)... US $9.00

Walton, Paul H. [Text and Notes By]: RENOIR; Tudor Publishing, New York, 1967, 1st Edition, Fine/Fine, Hardcover, 90 Pages, 90 fine color reporductions of Renoir's finest works are presented in this 6.5x7 inch magnificent presentation, [NON FICTION/ART], (Bk# 003119)... US $5.00

Wambaugh, Joseph: ECHOES IN THE DARKNESS; William Morrow & Co, NY, 1987, 1st Edition, VG/VG, [MYSTERY], (Bk# 000973)... US $10.00

Wambaugh, Joseph: FINNEGAN'S WEEK; William Morrow & Co, NY, 1993, 1st Edition, VG/VG, 348 Pages, An unforgettable trio is sent on a mission involving toxic waste and a theft of US Navy goods, [MYSTERY], (Bk# 000728)... US $10.00

Wambaugh, Joseph: FINNEGAN'S WEEK; William Morrow & Co, NY, 1993, 1st Edition, VG/VG, 348 Pages, An unforgettable trio is sent on a mission involving toxic waste and a theft of US Navy goods, [MYSTERY], (Bk# 001523)... US $10.00

Wambaugh, Joseph: FUGITIVE NIGHTS; Wm. Morrow & Co., NY, 1992, 1st Edition, VG/VG, 336 Pages, A suspense novel that uses glamour and awesome Palm Springs equally, [MYSTERY], (Bk# 000727)... US $10.00

Wambaugh, Joseph: THE BLOODING; Wm. Morrow & Co., NY, 1989, 1st Edition, VG/VG, 288 Pages, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 000765)... US $10.00

Warady, Phylis Ann: THE EARLS COMEUPPANCE; Walker and Company, NY, 1991, 1st Edition, VG/VG, Hardcover, 159 Pages, [ROMANCE], (Bk# 001741)... US $9.00

Warren, Robert Penn: MEET ME IN THE GREEN GLEN; Random House, NY, 1971, 1st Edition, G/VG,TR, [FICTION], (Bk# 001128)... US $15.00

Wartman, William: PLAYING THROUGH -BEHIND THE SCENES ON THE PGA TOUR; William Morrow and Company, New York, 1990, 1st Edition, Fine,POI/VG,CH,SMTR,PC, Hardcover, 317 Pages, The men of golf reveal themselves in ways the often vary distinctly from their public images, [NON FICTION/SPORTS], ISBN: 0-688-08444-3, (Bk# 003209)... US $6.00

Wayne, Philip: THE RIVER PEOPLE; Taplinger Publishing Co Inc, New York, 1976, 1st Edition, Fine, As New/VG, Corners BP, Hardcover, 189 Pages, An otter family in Norfold Wildlife Park, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 002492)... US $6.00

Weaver, Michael: DECEPTIONS; Warner Books, NY, 1995, 1st ARC Edition, VG+/None, Trade Paperback, 454 Pages, By the author of Impulse a griping, compelling tale with surprising events & spellingbinding erotica, [FICTION], (Bk# 000237)... US $10.00

Webb, Richard B.: THE EXECUTIONER - A PARABLE OF MAN IN OUR CENTURY; The Naylor Company, San Antonio, Texas, 1967, 1st SIGNED Edition, VG,Author Inscribed/VG,CH,TR, Hardcover, 125 Pages, Author inscribed on ffp: For Millie Budd - Best Wishes Always, Richard GB. Webb, [FICTION], (Bk# 001928)... US $16.00

Weidman, Jerome: THS SOUND OF BOW BELLS; Random House, NY, 1962, 1st Edition, G/P, 531 Pages, Story told in flash backs of a man and the whole world in which he lives, [FICTION], (Bk# 000067)... US $5.00

Weir, B. Alison: [Ilustrator:Judith Moffatt,] THE SUN-MAID RAISINS PLAY BOOK; Little Simon, New York, 1999, 1st Edition, Fine/Hardcover, Everybody loves raisins! Grab a handful and come decorate everything from cookies to snowmen, [CHILDRENS], (Bk# 003036)... US $9.00

Weisgal, Meyer [ed. by]: CHAIM WEIZMANN:STATESMAN, SCIENTIST, BUILDER OF THE JEWISH COMMONWEALTH; Dial Press, NY, 1944, 1st Edition, VG,Foxed/G,TR,CH,ST, Hardcover, 340 Pages, Book has "chewed" corners but tight, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 001588)... US $15.00

Weisinger, Dr. Hendrie and Norman M. Lobsenz: NOBODY'S PERFECT - HOW TO GIVE CRITICISM AND GET RESULTS; Stratford Press, Los Angeles, 1981, 1st Edition, VG+/VG+, Hardcover, 246 Pages, Criticism can be a tool, "Nobody's Perfect" shows you how, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 002624)... US $6.00

Weisman, Mary-Lou: INTENSIVE CARE; Random House, NY, 1982, 1st Edition, G/G,TR, 306 Pages, RM on bottom, true story of what happened to one family when fate unexpectedly cast ordinary people in heroic roles, [FICTION], (Bk# 000080)... US $5.00

Weizman, Ezer: THE BATTLE FOR PEACE; Bantam, NY, 1981, 1st SIGNED Edition, VG,Signed Bookplate attached/VG, [JUDAICA], (Bk# 001056)... US $25.00

Welles, Orson Leaming,Barbara: ORSON WELLES A BIOGRAPHY; Viking, NY, 1985, 1st Edition, VG/VG,PC,SMTRS, Hardcover, 562 Pages, Small claw marks on rear inside of dj, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 001499)... US $10.00

Weschler, Lawrence: SHAPINSKY'S KARMA, BOGGS'S BILLS, AND OTHER TRUE-LIFE TALES; North Point Press, San Francisco, 1988, 1st Edition, Fine, As New/VG+, Hardcover, 260 Pages, Six unforgettable profiles of remarkable figures from contemporary culture, [FICTION/SHORT STORIES], (Bk# 002498)... US $9.00

West, Morris: THE LOVERS; Donald I. Fine, Inc, NY, 1993, 1st Edition, VG/VG, [FICTION], (Bk# 000910)... US $15.00

West, Nigel: THE CIRCUS; Stein & Day, NY, 1983, 1st Edition, G/G,TR,CH,RP, 196 Pages, Previously published in GB as "A Matter Of Trust" 1982, MI5 operatons 1945-1972, [NON FICTION], (Bk# 000071)... US $15.00

West, Paul: LORD BYRON'S DOCTOR; Doubleday, NY, 1989, 1st Edition, F/F, 277 Pages, A novel that purports to be the true, uncensored momoirs of Polidori, traveling companion of Lord Byron, [FICTION], (Bk# 000068)... US $15.00

Wheeler, Opal [Story And Music Arrangements Adapted From Gilbert And Sullivan]: [Ilustrator:Fritz Kredel,] H.M.S. PINAFORE; E.P.Dutton And Co., Inc., New York, 1946, 1st Edition, VG/None, Large Hardcover, 96 Pages, In picture boards as issued a worn spine, but still tight with bumped corners, [FICTION], (Bk# 002134)... US $7.00

Whitney, Phyllis A.: EMERALD; Doubleday, NY, 1983, 1st Edition, VG+/VG+, Hardcover, 307 Pages, [ROMANCE], (Bk# 002440)... US $7.00

Whitney, Phyllis A.: LOST ISLAND; Doubleday, NY, 1970, 1st Edition, VG/VG, 251 Pages, A romantic suspense novel let against a rich, mysterious island, [ROMANCE], (Bk# 000079)... US $9.00